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Kara Gott Warner is the host of Power Purls Podcast, and the former Executive Editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. Her mission is to empower yarn crafters and makers on their crafting path. On the podcast, Kara chats with rock stars in the yarn industry and everyday knitters and crocheters with compelling back stories. Her mission is to dig deep and ask those burning questions about what turned her guests on to the “two sticks and fuzzy stuff” in the first place, and how yarn crafting helps them to live a mindful life.

Kara works one-on-one with designers and makers who wish to create a holistically-balanced life and business that converges creativity with mindful living. Kara combines her unique background and passion for the needle arts with her training as a clinical nutritionist and certified nutritional consultant (CNC) to infuse a passion for making with a holistic approach that "knits together" creativity, body, mind and spirit.